NOA in a new Green Headquarters

It is time to redefine the way we work, and Italy should lead the way.

At this time of uncertainty and a deep desire for change, we decided to embrace sustainability and go hand in hand with nature, adopting principles of Biophilic Design.

Time for change and growth

“That's about double the size of our previous location. So we can have room for our dreams, prints, motorbikes, and plants.“

When it's time to change you simply feel it. NOA has recently gone through a growth period and felt the need to expand. The team has changed, the location got bigger, and we introduced what we felt it was needed: plants.

With the help of our partner Cya Design, a creative studio based in Bristol, UK, we explored the concept of Biophilic Design. It means the innate desire and need of human beings to be part of nature, with practices like including daylight, decorating our space with plants, and so on.

Innovative & Sustainable Initiatives

“We thought nature is on our side, and we're here to help her flourish.“

The way we made it, is by starting a series of workshops together with the local high school, involving students to get their hands into gardening, soil, and creativity. NOA offers the space, Cya Design injects creativity. Together we aim to make our little impact in the local community, and the planet a little greener.

“Get in touch with the team“

If you are interested, want to host a workshop, event or simply want to do some gardening get in touch at Hope to see you around Dr Greenthumb!