Our Brand New Pink Neon Sign

Our Brand New Pink Neon Sign

A desired update to our new headquarters.

Erica one day mentioned this to us:

“Kind of like Las Vegas. But all pink!“

So this is how NOA's brand identity manifested once again into interior design and lighting decor. As we thought we were moving to our new lòocation, we needed a refresh and a spark of womanhood-oriented motivation for our employees. When we walk into the office and turn the neon sign on, we remind ourselves why we are the team we are, and why we believe in the so-called pink leadership.

Why we love working at NOA

“When I look at it, it makes me smile!“

It matters to us. And to the people close to us. The people who fight for their work rights, and the sisters supporting each other in what possibly become a hostile environment. We don't excòude men, we respect them when they understand women's needs. But we also want to move forward and provide a strong, delicate, and balance service to the world.

Made in Italy combined with the experience of our team make up NOA. Uh, we also have Ade, our beloved wolf loooking after the girls! Come see us in Lancenigo, TV, Italy. Next up is to set up a vertical garden that co-exists with our pink sign!